26th German Cheerleading Championship Successfully Held in Dresden

26th German Cheerleading Championship Successfully Held in Dresden

On May 21st and 22nd, the 26th German Cheerleading Championships took place in

Dresden. More than 2,000 of Germany's best cheerleaders had been received in the Saxon capital. This year, not only the German championship titles, but also the qualification for the European Championship 2016, which will take place in Slovenia this coming July, attracted the participants to the Margon-Arena in Dresden. 

During the preceding local championships, nearly 160 teams in 21 different categories qualified for the German Cheerleading Championships. Intensive preparations had been necessary, since only the top three in each category are entitled to participate in the European Championships taking place in the coastal city of Koper, Slovenia.  

The results can be found below.

“We were very delighted about the warm welcome and the support by the City of Dresden. We thank the Dresden Monarchs for their excellent holding of the championship”, stated AFVD President Robert Huber with satisfaction. “We received only positive feedback from participants from all federal states, which we are happy to pass on to the City of Dresden”. 

Our warmest congratulations to all old and new German champions, as well as to all teams that qualified successfully for the European Championships. Germany will send promising athletes to the European Championships 2016 in Slovenia. We wish them all the best and keep our fingers crossed. 

The German Champions 2016:

Cheerdance Double Seniors 

Minnie & Nina (TSV Rudow) 41.5 


Cheerdance Double U17 

Dance Delight (TSV Rudow) 36.3 


Cheerdance Seniors 

Silver Spirit Dancer (United Cheer Sports e. V.) 67.5 


Cheerdance U17 

Silverlicious (United Cheer Sports e. V.) 47.3 


Freestyle Dance Doubles Seniors 

Nuggets (FT 1844 Freiburg Nuggets) 38.0 


Freestyle Dance Doubles U17 

Gold Rush (FT 1844 Freiburg Nuggets) 25.3 


Freestyle Dance Seniors 

Nuggets (FT 1844 Freiburg Nuggets) 44.5 


Freestyle Dance U17 

Dance Delight (TSV Rudow) 56.0 


Themen Dance Seniors 

Guardian Angels (MSV 90 e.V. Magdeburg) 47.3 


Cheerleading Pee Wees 

Twinkle Stars (SG Grossziethen) 59.8 


Cheerleading Senior-Coed 

Amazing Spirit (Funtastic Sports Wetzlar) 160.8 


Cheerleading Seniors 

Wild Bunch (Weinheim Longhorns) 122.7 


Cheerleading U14 

Firestorm XS (Bremen Firebirds) 45.5 


Cheerleading U17 

Magic Storm (SG Grossziethen) 124.7


Cheerleading U17 Coed 

Wings of Fire (Bremen Firebirds) 133.8 



Cheer Confusion (1. Hannoverscher Cheerleader Verein e.V.) 72.5 


Group-Stunt Pee Wees 

Starlight (SG Grossziethen) 33.5 


Group-Stunt Senior-Coed 

No Gravity (SV Stern Britz 1889 e.V.) 89.0 


Group-Stunt U17 

Magic Stars (SG Grossziethen) 64.5


Group-Stunt U17 Coed 

Blue Revolution (SV Stern Britz 1889 e.V.) 37.2 



Guilia & Matthias (United Cheer Sports e. V.) 79.8