Historic first IFC Class I Coaches Course in Havana (CUB)

The Pan-American Federation of Cheerleading (PFC) and the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) organised in Havana (CUB) the first ever IFC Class I Coaches Course on the 16th-21st September, 2013.

The course was conducted by coaches and officials from the PFC and attracted close to 50 participants from Havana and other cities around Cuba.  The participants came from a variety of sporting backgrounds such as synchronised

swimming, gymnastics, aerobics, trampoline and dance and over the duration of the course were trained in both theoretical and practical elements of cheerleading.

The National Director for Physical Education and Health Promotion, Dr Gladys Bequer Diaz expressed her gratitude to PFC and IFC for introducing cheerleading to Cuba and hailed the course a complete success.

The PFC President, Mr Luis Miguel Salazar, who led the PFC delegation in Havana commented, “PFC are committed to the development of cheerleading at the grass roots level and the implementation of this course is a historic move and one which I am confident will pave the way for the popularisation of the sport in Cuba”.

The course also attracted the attention of the local media including a correspondent for BBC News.