Cheerleading at the inaugural World DanceSport Games 2013 Kaohsiung

Cheerleading was part of the historic & inaugural world DanceSport games 2013 (WDSG) September 16th-20th in Kaohsiung, TPE. Over the course of the week-long WDSG at the K-Arena a cheerleading competition was held on two separate days. A total of seven of some of the best cheerleading mixed category teams competed for gold in this multi-sport event that included other dance genres such as Hip Hop, Latin, Boogie Woogie and many more!

To re-live the cheerleading action, please watch the following playlist.
1 - WDSG Cheerleading intro
2 - Opening Ceremony Athletes Parade
3 - Official Mascots with some local cheerleaders perform
4 - Day 1 Competition
5 - Day 2 Competition
6 - Champions encore performance
WDSF world DanceSport Games 2013 cheerleading