18 Districts Cheering Team Competition, Hong Kong

Following the success of the 6th Cheerleading World Championships in Hong Kong last year, Cheerleading has been selected by the Youth Programme Co-ordinating Committee (YPCC) under the Commission on Youth (COY) as one of the key sports in schools during 2012.

As part of the initiative, the "18 Districts Cheering Team Competition" organised by the YPCC, co-organized by the Home Affairs Department (HAD) and 18 District Youth Programme Committees and fully supported by the Cheerleading Federation of Hong Kong, China (CFHK) was successfully concluded on Sunday 28 October, 2012 at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre. Each of the 18 districts in Hong Kong sent one Primary school and one Secondary school team to compete in the event.

Prior to the competition, the HAD also provided subsidies for the training of all teams, as many teams were brand new to cheerleading.

Furthermore, the organising committee agreed to invite a representative team from Japan to participate in the event as a means to aid the development of cheerleading in Hong Kong as Japan is widely recognised as one of the leading cheerleading nations in the world.

2012 Japan National Champions, RAIDERS (from Baika University, Osaka) were selected by the Japan Cheerleading Association (JCA), governing body for cheerleading in Japan, and demonstrated cheerleading skills (including stunts, pyramids and cheers) and performed cheerleading routines.