Things are Heating Up in Thailand

The 3rd installment of the Asian-Thailand Cheerleading Invitational 2011 (ATCI) will be taking place this September 17th & 18th (Sat-Sun) at the newly renovated Nimibutr National Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand.  

In the past Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore have taken part as invitational teams. As this year features the 6th Cheerleading World Championship November 26.27th in Hong Kong many teams will be flexing their National Team prowess; the level competition will no doubt be high and the atmosphere will surely be electric at the invitational as some of the best teams will go head to head vying for the gold.

Thailand being the host country of course has home town advantage to complement its skills and is of course the crowd favourite.

Excitement and anticipation loom in the air, till the big event this weekend!

Stay tuned for more!