Advance Tickets for the 8th Cheerleading World Championships 2015

The advance booking period for the 8th IFC Cheerleading World Championships is now under way.

Tickets are available from leading German ticket sales agents.  Due to different structuring of charges between agents, it may be that tickets in the same price category are offered at different rates.  The CWC 2015 Local Organising Committee only determines the basic rates, while each sales partner decides the amount of additional fees. For instance, one sales partner might charge a higher processing fee, while the other charges a higher postage lump sum for sending a registered letter. One partner might charge an additional fee for ordering via internet, while the other might allow on-site collection without any additional fee. Hence, the actual final price depends also on the preferences of the ticket purchaser. If you prefer to print your ticket comfortably at home, you might pay more than if you get the tickets directly at the event venue etc. 

The CWC 2015 sales partner Gegenbauer Ticket Service, whose office is located inside the Max-Schmeling-Halle, offers the possibility to order tickets by phone:

Ticket hotline: +49 -30 - 4430 4430 (Working days: 10am-7pm and Saturdays: 12pm- 5pm)

Tickets can be ordered at the Max-Schmeling-Halle for a deposit with collection of the tickets on the day of the event. Thereby, the purchaser will save the processing fee and postal charges.

Early bird discount for group bookings

There will be a special early group booking discount for IFC member federations; a 15% discount will be applied if 50 tickets in one price category are ordered before the 31st July 2015. The 50 tickets have to be either one-day tickets for a specific day of the event or full event tickets. It is not possible to receive the discount if, for example, 25 tickets are ordered for 21st November 2015 and another 25 tickets for 22nd November 2015.

This early group booking discount is only available at Gegenbauer Ticket Service by using the phone number above.

Ticket information on the official CWC 2015 website: