Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is the supreme legislative body of the IFC.

Initial discussion between the European Cheerleading Association (ECA) & Japan Cheerleading Association (JCA) regarding the formation of an international governing body of cheerleading

February 28th 1998
2nd meeting of the JCA & ECA

July 5th 1998
Malmo, Sweden
Sky Bridge Hotel

ECA National Federation representatives & JCA Representatives 
Unanimously vote to create International Cheerleading Federation (ICF) (renamed IFC 2006)

August 20th 1998
Tokyo, Japan
National Olympic Memorial Youth Center
Inaugural meeting of the ICF.

February 13th 1999
London, United Kingdom
Langham Court Hotel

First Cheerleading World Championships (CWC) discussions

February 12th 2000
Ljubljana, Slovenia

February 17-18th 2001
Vienna, Austria
Intercity Hotel

February 9-10th 2002
Helsinki, Finland
Hotel Seaside Helsinki

February 15-16th 2003
Manchester, England
Jury Inn Manchester

February 17th 2004
Stockholm, Sweden
Quality Hotel Globe Stockholm

February 12th 2005
Moscow, Russia

February 11th 2006
With the foresight of applying for international recognition with GAISF (now known as SportAccord) the ICF 
members voted unanimously to change from ICF to IFC to disambiguate from the International Canoe Federation (ICF).

February 10th 2007
Bremen, Germany

February 9th 2008
Copenhagen, Denmark

April 25th 2009
Singapore, Singapore
Carlton Hotel

March 28th 2010
Hong Kong, China
Kimberly hotel

May 14th 2011
Tokyo, Japan
Yoyogi National Stadium 1st Gymnasium

April 21st 2012
Frankfurt, Germany
Mariott Hotel

February 23rd 2013
Bangkok, Thailand